Approaching zine culture through the lens of experimental publishing and publishing as artistic practice.

Feature Project

Spiritual Pilgrimage

Spiritual Pilgrimage is a website that cannot be viewed unless you print it as a zine.

This project is a website and publication derived of images submitted online by participating artists from Vancouver and South Korea. Images were curated directly from a live folder and feed this site where they are randomly formatted for publication. Print copies of the publication by hitting Command+P and receive three pages of images. Download the A4 verso pdf and follow these instructions creating a unique web to print concept, where every zine is unique.

Zine Club Publishing

Collaborative Publishing

Zine Club has collaborated with many great peaople to create and re-interpret projects as print zines, digitally presented media and exhibition.


Reading Room by Zine Club at PhaseBook Prague

On Some Faraway Beach 
Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk

Vancouver Art Book Fair
Presented by Zine Club

Spiritual Pilgrimage, First Edition
Print Preformance

Vancouver Photo Book Fair
at the Western Front

the Media Closet pt2 
by Zine Club

the Vancouver Art Book Fair at Vancouver Art Gallery 

the Media Closet as a project series aims to address unconventional exhibition sites within the gallery setting. Installations are site specific and feature animated works from Zine Club members. Projects are based off print projects and interpreted as video files with web and exhibition in mind.

Above detail: ASMR Page Turning No Talking
Yuula Benivoski

Reading Room
by Zine Club

the Garden Pt2 by Moniker Press

at Vancouver Art Book Fair

the Media Closet

by (top-bottom): Larissa Monteiro, Tracy Stefanucci and Sylvana dAngelo

at Print Ready

Reading Room
by Zine Club

at Remmington

Print Fairs

PhaseBook Prague

Artist Talk + Exhibitor 2018

Glasgow Zine Fest

Presentation + Exhibitor 2018

Zine Camp Rotterdam

Presentation + Exhibitor 2016

Fully Booked Dubai

Panel + Exhibitor 2018

Miss Read Berlin

Exhibitor 2017

Vancouver Art Book Fair

Artistic Director 2017-20

Listen Here

above: as Artistic Director for VABF
Radio Wave, Prague
Zcene Podcast Ep19 Zine Club, Los Angeles

Monday Nov 5 2018